It all starts with white canvas. A challenge without a predetermined plan, without direction or preset goals. It stimulates and sets things in motion. The foundation of Con Tonnaer's work is pure. His instinct is the guide line, it sets the direction. Because working with plans holds you back and only attains the opposite.

Con Tonnaer's work is changeable. Not in quality but in range. Waywardly varied yet recognizably Con Tonnaer's. It's his style. Embracing the basics, the pushing colors that accumulate in a friendly chaos, the repeating themes. Exciting yet down to earth.

The work's radiance expands while crossing boundaries judging and denouncing values. Entering the deepest and most fundamental of human emotions: the child lucidity. It touches the spectator like a sledgehammer blows through it's 'mirror neurons' and with timeless visual and imaginative expressions it triggers the essence in the viewer to react and reflect.


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