vertalen 06-03-2018

During the TEFAF fair in Maastricht and the AIV Art In Valkenburg (KIV) events you are welcome is our open studio every sunday afternoon from 2pm.


The dates are: March 11, 18 and  25  2018.


Walk in at the Oranjelaan 20, in Valkenburg a/d Geul.

Title 30-04-2017


Title 29-03-2016


Sacret trinity of art, wine and culinary crafts at atelier Tonnaer 24-05-2015

Con Tonnaer, Gernot Becker and Jerôme Trimbos showing their craftmanship for their special guests, on this special evening tastery at the Valkenburg galery location of Con Tonnaer.

Thorn exhibition exclusive Con Tonnaer 29-10-2014

Thorn, 'the white village' is well reknown in Limburg for it's cosy centre with tiny white houses. This village holds the roots of the Tonnaer family and that is why Con did not need a minute thought to say yes to this exclusive exhibition of his work.

The title for this exhibition translates as "from white" and insiders know that this had a double load in Con's case. All starts from a white canvas, from a blank mind. 


Weekend EXPO by four artists durin Tefaf and KIV 01-03-2012


four artists
three weekends
two galeries
one passion

17-18 & 24-25 MARCH AND 31 MARCH-1 APRIL 2PM UNTIL 7PM 



Tefaf 2012 and KIV weeks Con will be at his private gallery this year. During the three weekends you can admire a lot of the recent art by Con Tonnaer in his own gallery and workshop in Valkenburg. Have an inspiring chat with the Con himself and watch his work area. In the atelier at the Oranjelaan you can also enjoy watching the lively sculptures by the reknown Belgian Artist Eddie Symbens. After that, do not forget to visit the house gallery Villa Diane closeby, where painter Maria Verstappen and goldsmith Jan van den Bragt display their work of art in a homely atmosphere.



Con Tonnaer paintings in TVL television report 11-01-2012

In the recent broadcast at TVL of sundag Janary 8. 2012 highlighting the company 'DOOR communicatie & vorm' Con's Work is visible in a inspiring an contemporary office environment. Check for yourself:


Cultural Literary café in the 'little white town' of Thorn 11-12-2011

Con was a guest at the last literary cultural café in Thorn. Some 60 interested art lovers attended the afternoon interview, where the host managed to unravel some secrets of the life and inspiration of the artist Con Tonnaer in an interesting and entertaining session of quest and answer.

Early work found; made in 1973 11-07-2011

Good to see an early work discovered by one of my relatives by coincidence. Almost 40 years of age is this painting created by a 27 year old Con Tonnaer.





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